Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Are you sitting down?

I have done some scrapping!!!!!!!

I took it into my head yesterday to have a go at the weekly on UKS

And this is the result.

Its a digi LO from some of the pics I took when we spent the afternoon at a friends farm.

The pics are for my A-Z Photo journal of Chatteris and I do plan on a scrapbook for the complete collection. So I will be re-doing this one "properly"!

I used a photo of the corn in the field for the background and Slightly lightened and desaturated the centre. Then I used different photos of the combine with a black and while border in the middle.

The Corn is from my "Flowers and Friends" Scrapbooking pattern and the Bow is a free pattern on my msn group. If you can't crochet, I can supply the "real" versions.

If you would prefer the digi versions, here are the links for the Poppy and Corn and the Bow.

Have fun with them.

By the way, there are loads more crocheted digi freebies scattered amongst the scrapbooking pages on my site. Happy Hunting.


  1. Love the layout saw it on the challenges and thought WOW didn't realise it was a Digi though - Fantastic.

  2. You are clever - it is the best I can do to switch the bloomin computer on! I love it X

  3. That's very clever. It's a lovely LO.

  4. Just stumbled across your lovely blog, love your work.
    Enfys - yes, that's right, ENFYS - not many of us about.

  5. great L/O well done xx

  6. Great Lo - I need to have paper tho - cant master digi at all!!


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