Monday, September 22, 2008


I am working today - sort of!

They phoned me yesterday and said they are taking the residents out on a trip to the Garden Centre and would I like to go. When I officially start working they will put it down as a shift for me. So I get a day out with lunch and paid for it as well!

Of course, this is only if I can sort child care for DS for after school. If they had told me Friday, this wouldn't be a problem. But I can't contact the After School Club on a Sunday.

Saturdays plans ended in disaster! We were cycling out to the Iron Age fort. I didn't tell DS quite how far it was but have taught him how to use his gears so he is riding a lot better now. Anyway, we popped into the Garden Centre just down the road from it to go to the loo before going there for our picnic lunch. As we were pushing the bikes out, mine started making a funny noise. I had a puncture!!!!!

So, there we were, about 8 miles from home and NOT looking forward to walking back. Luckily, a very nice man in the Lawnmower hut said he was on his way to Chatteris and could put our bikes in the back to give us a lift home. I was soooooooooo relieved. Marks car isn't big enough to fit them in so I knew it was a waste to phone him. We ate our lunch at home then I took DS to the park instead.

When we got back, Mark had fixed my puncture! What a darling!!!!

I am going to invest in some of that stuff I have seen in Halfords. Its a gel strip of some sort thet you put in the tyre, between the tyre and inner tube. It is supposed to help prevent punctures. I am hoping it isn't too expensive as I am really short on cash until this CRB gets sorted for me to start work properly. I did sell another pattern yesterday though, I wonder if I can find it on eBay and use Paypal instead!

I put DSs cyclometer on his bike yesterday morning. I think I did it ok. There were only ever such a little out. I am hoping to go to Halfords on Wednesday to look at that gel stuff.

DS and I spent the afternoon at an Art thing for Fenvac. It was a get together where you chatted and worked. DS sat out in the garden and read his book, then tormented all the bugs he could find!

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