Friday, September 12, 2008

Spam, Spam, Spam

You know, I get so fed up of turning my emails on to find about 50 emails (or more) and only one of them is actually for me.

I really don't want a bigger penis so that I can thrill the girls all night!!!!!

I tried setting up loads of filters to get the spam deleted but then I started missing other emails that I needed. So now I have to go through it all and delete it manually.

I am in the process of changing my email over so a lot of it will hopefully stop when I delete the old addy.

I thought there was laws against this happening. If there are, they are not working!

I am not sure how they get my email all the time but I know part of it is down to mass mailing.

Basically, if you forward an email on to somebody and leave everybodies email addies on it, some where along the line it will get picked up and all the addies will be harvested for spam.

If you must mass email, please go and read this on my msn group so that you can do it more safely.

And the other thing..........

I get really fed up of mail through the letter box trying to get me to spend money I don't have or offering me money I can't afford to pay back.

It is no wonder so many people are in debt!

I am a bit naughty with this. Just my little "Stuff it where the sun don't shine" to these people.

If the things come with a prepaid envelope, I take out the bit that has my address on and shred it, them stuff all the rest in the envelope and post it back to them.

Its even better when you get two lots on one day, you can swap the contents over!

It doesn't cost them much for all this mass mailing that they do but it does cost them more for all the returns that they get. They don't actually have to pay for those until they are used.

OK, it may not make much difference in the grand scheme of things but it gives me a certain satisfaction!


  1. Spammers Huh that post made me laugh--I don't want a bigger one either :-)

  2. You make me laugh too & now im going to stuff the spam mail back to them too !!!

  3. I agree if we wanted a bigger penis we could find one to date.

  4. Lol, that made me laugh, will definitely be trying the shredding thing!

  5. I love the idea of sending back mixed up mail!!!

    And as for all that viagra on seems to have replaced the russian brides in my inbox.....

    Look out for the you have a greeting card ones - they often contain viruses!!

  6. I am so glad its not just me being a grumpy old woman when I whinge about spam, both email and post!! Love the idea of using it against them with their own envelopes!! Helen, you have an evil streak!! LOL


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