Thursday, September 25, 2008

D is for Dragons!

I did want "Damsels and Dragons" but I didn't see any Damselflies!

As Chatteris is in the middle of the Fens, it is surrounded by waterways so there are always plenty of Dragonflies around.

Last week I went to Welches Dam. It is a local RSPB bird reserve not far from Chatteris.

The Ouse Washes cut across the Fens with a long, straight stretch of wetland between artificial channels.

Tens of thousands of ducks are attracted to this remote location in winter, as well as the largest concentration of Bewick's and whooper swans anywhere in the UK.

I knew this would be my best chance of getting photos of them.

Did you know that the species is over 300 million years old? That is twice as old as birds.

There are approximately 3,600 known species of dragonfly in the world.

In the British Isles there are 27 species of dragonfly and 16 species of damselfly.

Dragonflies can reach 30mph in full flight.

They are a voracious hunter from the time it first hatches as aquatic larvae to its peak as a flying adult.

The adult dragonfly has the biggest eyes in the insect world and they are capable of detecting movement up to 15m away!

Male dragonflies have their own territory; they guard their particular stretch of water seeking prey, females and chasing off rivals.

Of course, there are loads of other things to see there and its well worth a visit if you have the chance.


  1. Helen, you have been busy!! Congrats on the new job!! Love the photo of the wee hedgie and the dragonflies are stunning!!
    Teeny Ted says to say 'Hi' and please can he have one of arab scarf things to keep the sun off? LOL

  2. Brilliant photos X juliet

  3. Great pics. Love the plant at the end - a local crafter used to make little mice using them.

  4. Great photos helen-not easy to get such grat shots of a dragonfly.


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