Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Scary!!!

Thank you for all the comments about the chipboard, both on here and the UKS thread.

Unfortunately, I can't do most of it because I don't have a clue what half the stuff you are using is and I certainly don't have any of it in my stash.

However, that WILL change when I get my first wages from my new job!!!!!

When that will actually be is a totally different matter. Yesterday my CRB form was STILL sitting on somebodys desk. This time it is because the cheque is made out to the wrong people so they can't cash it. And, instead of getting back to the nursing home about it, they just left it. They don't seem to realise that they are playing with peoples lives when that do things like that!

Ok, in my case, it may not be a matter of life and death but, it is a matter of stash or no stash!

Anyway, on to better things!

Look at what I am working on now!!!!

These are the prototypes. I am not sure whether to embroider eyes etc on them. I think it might be better leave them so that people can add their own.

I am currently working on a ghost and, as always, open to suggestions for this collection.


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