Monday, March 31, 2008


As promised yesterday, here are the pics of the third silk in the set, Autumn.

As with the others it is 23 cm square.
And as you can probably see by now, I have tried to keep the quilting as much the same as possible on them all.

I used a rust coloured backing fabric to get the warm glow of autumn.
I used a variety of gold, brown, root beer and irridescant amber for the leaves.
I left quite a lot of the twigs bare to try to get the effect of the leaves falling off.

Then I put some dotted about as if falling off the tree.
And loads on the grass.
There are about 300 beads on this one.


  1. This is incredible Helen, you have put so much work into it.
    Love the colours

  2. Your silk work and beadwork are stunning.Beauitful colours.
    Sorry about the Def Leppard!!

    Cass xx

  3. Wow, what patients, a stunning piece. Jay xx

  4. This is absolutely beautiful - I've never seen anything like this! Thanks for sharing...

  5. Love the silks. Just gorgeous.


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