Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yesterday was.....

...A Really Good Day!

I turned on the puter to find a nice order of patterns waiting for me. That put me in a good mood for the whole day and, I figured that if things did happen to get worse, with a start like that I could cope with anything!

This meant I could go shopping on eBay for stash! I ordered a whole pile of beads for the silk paintings.

Then I finished my latest pattern. I was really pleased to get that out of the way. Unfortunately, one of my testers didn't get back to me about the pattern but the other lady was really pleased with it. You can see more pictures of it here.




Then I went to Tesco on the free bus. Not a job I particularly enjoy but it has to be done. It wasn't as much fun as usual as the two Ladies I normally chat to and have coffee with were not there.

When I got home, I edited my site to put the pattern online for sale. I haven't sold any yet but have had a few compliments.

Next, I went to get weighed. I wasn't holding out much hope for a weight loss after that box of Roses I had for Mothering Sunday but I lost 1 lb.

When I got home, the stash I had ordered the day before had arrived. This was more sewing thread. I have used this lady from eBay a few times in the past. Her service is great and so are her prices. 10 reels of Coats Moon 1000yds for £7.25 inc. postage. She obviously remembered me because she put an extra reel in for me as well.

By the time I had put the thread away, it wasn't worth getting the sewing machine out as Benjamin was due home soon. So I went back online and emailed my crochet groups to tell them about the new pattern.

The only bad bit of the day was that I didn't win the pair of Kickers I was watching on eBay. However, this did mean that I still have a healthy Paypal account for stash shopping! Even after buying more silk this morning!!!!!

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