Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Would you believe it? Snow for Easter Sunday!

I did go out to take some pics but am not entirely happy with them so will go back out later. However, I might just cheat and do one from the bedroom window.

I finally found some time yesterday morning to do a little blog hopping on the Blog-a-thon thread on UKS. There are some great blogs out there! I love the ideas and feel some scraplifts coming on - when I have time to scrap!!!!

I have also made a new page to advertise my up coming Exhibition. Its only 2 weeks away now and I am alternating between excitment and that "What on earth have I got myself into?" feeling.

If you want to see it, click on the pink thing over there <<<<<.

I have quilted all four of the seasons. The idea is for the quilting to be the same and use the beads to convey the season - along with the backing fabric to convey the mood of the season. Of course, they are not exactly the same as "hand made" means "similar" and not "identical"!

These are Autumn and Winter. I finished beading Spring last night but want to wait until it is mounted on the frame before I take a photo.

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  1. I love these photos....can't wait to see more...


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