Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Results are up!

Well, I passed the OU course. Not particularly well but at least it was a pass. I was hoping to do better.

My new beads arrived ........ and I have been bidding on more.

The new ones give me a complete set of rainbow colours in round 11/0 seed beads.

The ones I am bidding on are a smaller version of the silver lined glass ones I have used on this Rainbow. This is going to be my signature on all my silk paintings. I rather like the effect of the glass rainbow but the amethyst beads are a bit dark so the new set have lavender instead.

I am now working on a set of the four seasons. I painted one long piece of silk all the same coulours the cut it into four pieces. It is surprising how different colour fabrics behind the silk can change the whole mood of the picture. I am trying to make the quilting on each one as much the same as possible and am using the backing fabric and the beads to convey the mood of the seasons.

I should be on the machine quilting them now but, as I have an interview in 15 mins, I have major butterflies and don't trust myself on the sewing machine. It is only for a "Dinner Lady" at Benjamins school but it will means some much needed cash if I get it. And there is the bonus of the school being in the same street as my home and all school holidays off!


  1. WOW...what a fantastic blog this is....I LOVE the colours and the inspiration it's giving me is great.....definately a bookmark for return blog.....

  2. Hope the interview went well. That rainbow is very pretty.
    Well done on the OU course.

  3. Your blog is sooo colourful its fab, I hope you job interview went well :)

    You should upload the photograph of your beads to the March photography competition on UKS its all about colour :) xxx

  4. Well done on the ou course the beads are so colourful and pretty


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