Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I used this photo as inspiration for one of my silk paintings.

I took this during the OU course and was amazed at the detail when I blew it up to pixel size in PSE.

You can see all the individual dew drops.

The painting was done a little differently to usual. I didn't use any gutta.

I wanted the stitching and beading to be the main focus.

I used water to lighten the sepals and salt to ad texture to the background.

There was a LOT of sewing! I added the brown seeds first.

Then I added the fluffy seed heads in white.

I regreted doing so many seeds when it came to adding the seed heads.

And, of course, lots of seed heads meant lots of beads. I used irridescant clear beads to represent the dew.

The finished picture is 38 cm square.

I was thinking about counting the beads.

For a very brief moment!!!!


  1. Oh wow! That is stunning! I love the photograph as well!

  2. Your work is fabulous ... WOW !!

  3. Brilliant your work is so detailed - love it

    V xx

  4. The detail in your work is spectacular.The photo is stunning too.

  5. Enfys, you must have the patience of a saint - the detail in your embroidery and beadwork is beautiful.


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