Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Now that I can post again.........

I have been working hard on my silk paintings. I actually have 5 wall hangings all done and ready for Mark to make the poles. And I have 6 finished ready for Mark to make the frames.

Here are my Lilies. I actually have 3 different versions of this one. This is the wall hanging and there are two smaller ones which will be on frames.

I was planning on different shades of orange beads on the petals to give the speckled, shaded effect of lilies. But I didn't have the right colours and it looked awful. I ended up unpicking the the other colours and leaving it like this. Mark said too many beads would hide the painting on the petals anyway.

These are the magnolia. I have no idea why I did them so pink!!!! However, the pink goes well with the creams of the flowers.


I used bronze, gold and amber beads to shade the petals with various green ones on the leaves and pink ones on the background.

Again, I have three different versions of this one, a wall hanging and two smaller ones for frames.


The other thing I have done is to sew some rainbows in beads on the dolphins.

Then Mark said I should put them on all of my painting as signature. Of course, this meant buying more beads. I can't use the ones for the dolphins, they were plastic and bigger than the glass ones I have used for the others. Although they suit the dolphins perfectly, they would look cheap on the others against the glass beads.

So I went shopping on eBay again. I found someone even cheaper than last time! Her postage is cheaper and her beads start off at 35p for 20g. The disadvantage is that you have to bid on them rather than buy-it-now but, at that price, its worth the wait. I put in a max bid on the ones I wanted for £1, the same price as the others, and waited. I ended up getting all four packs for £4.20 inc postage.

I am now waiting, very impatiently, for them to come!


  1. Wow I love those beaded rainbows, stunning, a real inspiration. Jay xx

  2. Your silk paintings are stunning!.


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