Saturday, April 26, 2008

Atlier East Presents.........

EJ Curtis – Fur & Feathers

An Exhibition at the Angles Theatre, Wisbech, Cambs.

Fur & Feathers is the title of the forthcoming exhibition by EJ Curtis at the Angles Theatre Wisbech. Curated by Fur & Feathers is a collection of stunning portraits, painted, printed and drawn, of domestic and farm animals with particular attention to rare breed poultry!

As a self-taught artist living on a smallholding in Norfolk, EJ Curtis’s love of art has grown with her love of chickens and ducks. Inspired by her first six hens Emma now has many animals and not only does she use them as her inspiration, she also takes commissions from other animal lovers.

Emma has an incredible ability to really capture the beauty and personality of her subjects; this has to be because she really appreciates and enjoys working with animals. Anyone who loves animals is going to love this exhibition!’ says Karen Harvey of Atelier East.

Obviously a very talented and skilled artist, already achieving a very high standard of work that many other artists would envy, Emma still feels that she is learning and has more to learn. She is currently studying for a diploma in pet portraiture with London Art College.

Fur & Feathers by EJ Curtis will be showing from 4 - 30 May at the Angles Theatre.

On Sunday 4 May from 6-8pm there will be a free opening reception and, as always, everyone is welcome to come along and meet the artist.

For more information on exhibitions at the Angles Theatre contact

And, just in case you haven't managed to go yet, mine is still on!

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