Friday, April 25, 2008

Yesterday was Just One of Those Days

It all started of with an email from Blogger to say that the new blog I have set up has been marked as spam!!!!!

I ended up doing another on Blogger as, after trawlling the net and signing up for loads, I couldn't find one this good! Maybe it was too much like this one (which was the idea).

Then, I did some work on my site. I needed to add bookmarks to the pages for the scrolling banners to work properly. I managed to completely mess them up so now have to redo them!!!!!!

Then my day out got cancelled.

Then my magnetic catches arrived. A bright spot at last! However, they were no good for what I wanted because the loops to attach them were too small!

When the going get tough, the tough go shopping!

So I went on eBay. Which happened to be on a go slow yesterday afternoon. But I did manage to buy the iron on transfer sheets I need to make more designer labels. And I found some other catches with bigger loops - but I emailed her for the size before I bought them!

I figured, with a day like that, today has got to be better! Especially as I have finished the new "Winter" and can start on the Dragonflies now.

Incidentally, you were not much help with choosing the colours. I think I am going to go with the Brown/Bronze and Silver - and let the beads do the rainbow bits.


  1. Hi i'm tagging you, 7 random facts about you please, then pass it on to 5 people, thanks hun x

  2. Some days are really best avoided I had one of those yesterday too !!


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