Saturday, April 26, 2008

Things can only get better!

And they did!

I managed to sort out some of the web site mess, even if it did mean redoing half of the page. However, now that it is done, the book marks work on the scrolling banner and I am really pleased with it. I now have to sort out the other pages.

Then my friend asked me if I would like a trip out to Tesco. Not that exciting really, until you know she was planning the one that is only a short drive away from CTM! Well, of course, I said yes.

I didn't buy anything there but I did get a mag in Tesco.

I also started the Dragonflies so here is a sneaky peak!

I decided on the brown thread with the bronze filament for the body and the light rainbow thread for the wings. I did start adding beads in on the wings but they didn't look right. I will finish quilting them then see where to add the beads.

And to nicely finish things off, my new magnetic catches arrived in the post this morning. Considering that I only paid for them Thursday evening, that was REALLY quick delivery!

This means that I have finished the choker and now need to do the earrings. I am sure Mandijane is waiting very impatiently to see what I have done with her beads.


  1. Glad that things got better.
    Sneaky peek is great gorgeous colours.

  2. Good to hear that today has gone well. Dragonflies are looking good!

  3. Beautiful I love dragonflies in art. Just to let you know, if it's ok, I have tagged you! what you have to do is you have to post 7 random facts about yourself and then tag 5 more people! I have don the same on my blog to get the idea.

  4. Sneaky peek looks fab.Beautiful colours(they were my preference!)

    Cass xx

  5. I am waiting really patiently.....but I don't 'DO' waiting very well at all.....LOL


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