Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Free Digi Journalling Templates

I have been busy this morning and it wasn't beading!

I want to make a scrapbook, by Sunday, of my silks. Yes, a tall order.

However, this is where friends - especially friends that scrap - come in useful!

I went around to see Lesley with some ½ formed ideas of what I want and now have some 3/4 formed ideas!!!!!

And have arranged a scrapping session for Friday.

Anybody else want to come and help?

As part of this, I have been playing in PSE. I want a lot of journaling in it to explain how things are done, similar to some of the posts on here. So I made some journaling templates.

I want to include scraps of silk and fabrics. Also the beads I have used.

The pictures shown here are of the templates after I filled them with paper. The two Rainbow papers are from Tracy Dean, Vibrant swirl and Wishywashy Bright.

I am not sure where the others came from but they are called CFR LPO Paper SpringColor and MST CollegeDays LeatherGold. They are most probably from Scrapgirls.

You can download the templates from here.



  1. Great set of templates, thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is really kind of you. They're fantastic. Thank you (((hugs))) xx

  3. Wow, fab templates! Thank you!

  4. thanks for the free downloads.

  5. Those are fab templates.Thank you for sharing them. I've nominated you for an award Enfys.Check my blog for details.


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