Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stash Diving!

I know when I mention "Stash" most of you immediately think of papers!

However, my stash constists of yarn, thread and beads! And lots of each!!!!!

I was looking for something to do the dragonflies with. I know I had some bronze filament somewhere which, combined with brown thread, would look really good on the body. I wanted something shiney for the wings to go with the irridescant beads.

I remembered that I had bought metallic threads to make Christmas Cards a few years ago, so went hunting for them and found a nice silver one for the wings.

But I also found these!

Now I can't decide what to use!

Brown/Bronze and Silver?

Light and Dark Rainbow?

Brown/Bronze and Light Rainbow?


What do you think?

On another subject!

I totally wasted yesterday looking for a new blog. I was so pleased to find that one, only to discover that I can't add pictures and html to the side bar!!!!

So I went hunting for another one!

I must have signed up for about 50 - because you can't see what they do properly unless you actually have one!

Only to find that none of them are any where near as good as Blogger.

I ended up signing up with a new account to Blogger. This means that I now have to go the long way around to transfer everything over and alter it all so that I have links to my site on it.

At least I can make it identical to this one - apart from the links.

Unfortunately, I can't copy the comments over as well.



  1. I'd personally like the brown,bronze and silver,but whatever colours you choose it'll be gorgeous!

    Cass xx

  2. whatever you choose, they'll be magnificent.....:-)

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you make

  4. I am no help with the colour choice I am afraid love them both

  5. Gorgeous threads - I love all of them!

  6. use the green please it will look great in contrast to the beads : )


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