Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunflowers and Pink!

Thank you for the comments on my snowdrops. Crocheting is more than a hobby for me, its a passion!

And, some day, I hope to be able to earn a reasonable amount of money from it.

Although I don't think it will ever earn me a living and certainly not the Aston Martin DB9 I have promised Mark when I become rich and famous!

Here are some more pages from my Silk Album.

This is the Sunflowers.

I used pieces of the backing and framing fabric on it.

I added the crocheted sun in the corner and Lesley said it needed a stem. So it got turned into a sunflower with a button centre, a wooden stem and some crocheted leaves.

The beaded flower was made from beads used on the actual wall hanging and the ladybirds added a bit of colour.

Pink was a bit more difficult to scrap as I really don't like the colour.

It seems strange that this one should have turned out to be my signature piece for the exhibition.

It doesn't have a whole load of my own handmade embellishments on it.

Just the butterfly and flower made from the beads.

But those stitched handmade papers where so pretty that I just had to use them!

And I bought those quilted flowers months ago!!!!

I did save files of all the journalling blocks as I went and have uploaded them for you to use.

PSDs here. PNGs here. The PSD file is rather large!

And just one more thing. This Blog is addictive reading. Terrie has an autistic son and she has been blogging about her struggle to get him a decent education.


  1. i really want to crochet flowers and waiting for my MIL to teach me !!! lol
    Your work is soooo cool x

  2. Anonymous10:03 am

    They are just gorgeous! You are so talented :)

  3. I'm so jealous I can only just crochet but anything fidly just looses me. I love the snow drops to.

  4. WOW lovely to see such amazing work.
    You are so clever.

  5. Wow! Fabulous pages! Cn you make me a ladybug please???

  6. Lovely flowers! Well done.


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